Computers make you fat

I thought that heading might catch your attention. Buy hey, it’s true. Too much time infront of the computer, or TV or console is bad. The sedentry lifestyle is becoming way too common and our waistlines are swelling as a consequence.

I mentioned in the past a selection of my favorite games to get you moving, but really, nothing beats the real think. So heres a few alternatives, that I’m sure you’ll like:

#1 – Switch off guitar hero and go out to a gig. Sweating it out in a mosh pit is awesome exercise, just don’t have too much beer!

#2 – Love racing games? Try cycling instead. Get a mountain bike and hit the dirt. Downhill racing is a thrill you’ll never duplicate on your PS3

#3 – Stop chopping fruit on the Wii and start chopping fruit in the kitchen! Make a weight loss smoothie loaded with healthy fibre and vitamins

It’s not hard, you’ll feel bloody great!

Who should host the flash games blog?

I’ve been thinking about the site structure for “Bubba’s Arcade” before we really get things cranking – I think it would be hard to move once it gets big. There’s bloody heaps of hosting companies out there these days, so I’m going to have to pick one that I know will handle the mega amounts of traffic I’ll get when this shit goes viral :)

I was reading on the BlueHost Sucks site, that BlueHost actually isn’t too bad these days. I think all the big ones have upped their reliability and customer service, and they’re all pretty much the same when it comes to pricing.

So I guess the best thing to do is ask for some advice! Have you got a website? Who is it hosted with and are they any good? Good service, reliable, fast? I’d love to get your thoughts… before I go down the wrong track.

What are the best exercise games?

It’s great to see a few games coming on the market that require you to get up off the couch. For too long, all video games have just used a hand held controller. I know I’ve spent hours upon hours exercising nothing but my thumbs…. oh, maybe my jaw too as I shovel in potato crisps in between levels :)

So what are my favorite games that require me to get my fat ass up? Here’s the list! ::

  1. Guitar Hero – I get so friggen enthusiastic when I play this. Star power mother f*cker! Two up is even better, but I don’t mind a bit of solo action
  2. Sing Star – this one gets me moving too. A bit out lounge room karaoke and some moves like Mick Jagger will get the heart racing
  3. Wii Fit – I know, the Wii is a bit of a girls toy. So if you’re into video games AND are lucky enough ┬áto have a girlfriend, then you’ll probably have a Wii in the house. The Wii Fit is actually an awesome weight loss tool, yoga and balance games work on your core strength and stability, and the boxing and running games are great cardio. I’ll usually pretty stuffed, even after a short go on this.

So what’s your favorite game to get you up and moving? Let me know